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Domlur Club has a Billiards Room for its members
Rules & Regulations :
  1. Tables shall ordinarily be available for play during the following hours:
    • Session I - 6.0 0 p.m. to 10.00 p.m.
    • Casual Players / Guest / Affiliated Club Members
    • Guest Fee – Rs. 50/- per slot of 30 minutes
Regular Players:
  Yearly Fees Rs. 552.00(includes tax)
  Table Fee Rs.7.50/- per slot of 30 minutes
  Billiards Coaching Rs.800/- per month
  1. Players shall mark their name on the Board provided for the purpose, prior to commencing the game. A player who has already played a game during a session shall not book for another slot in that session. He may however, mark his name on the waiting list and take his turn.
  2. Session I is exclusively for Members / Guests / Affiliated Club Members only. Spouses and Dependents are not permitted to play during this session.
  3. A game commenced during the first half a slot cannot be carried into the next slot. A game commenced during the second half of a slot can be carried into the next slot and shall be treated as one game for the table fee.
  4. Players waiting for their turn shall not move around the tables or otherwise cause distraction / hindrance to those who are playing.
  5. Smoking in the Billiards Hall is strictly prohibited.
  6. Children below 10 years of age are not permitted entry into the Billiards Hall.
  7. For playing with Marker, the table fee shall be double the normal Rates
  8. Members wearing Short / Skirts are also not permitted to play in the Billiards Hall.
  9. Complaints, if any, shall be recorded in the Register available with the Marker.
  10. Damage if any caused to the Billiards Cloth shall be assessed by the Billiards Sub-Committee, and debited to the Members account.
  11. Members wearing shoes will only be permitted to play in the Billiards Room.
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