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The Committee will of course decide on Special levy on members and their guests attending special club events.
No Member shall cause any damage to the properties of the Club. If any damage is caused by members or staff, the cost of such damage will be recovered from the members or staff responsible for the damage. The cost of damage will be estimated by the Committee of Management.
The Club is not liable for any loss, damages or injury whatsoever caused, suffered or sustained by any person, adult or minor, within or on the premises of the Club including the tennis courts, or other premises over which it has control or with which it is in any way connected.
  1. No Member shall be allowed to entertain more than four guests on single day such invites being not more than three occasions in a month.
    Provided that the same guest shall not be entertained for more than nine days in a month.
  2. At the entry it shall be the duty of every member to register the name of his guest in the guest register/book maintained and shall pay the guest charges prescribed from time to time.
  3. The member shall ensure that the guest conducts himself with dignity and decorum and abides by rules.
  1. Every spouse/dependent of member shall be eligible for all facilities provided by the club except the right to participate and vote in meetings.
  2. No dependent shall be permitted to bring any guest to the club.
  3. Every member shall ensure that dependent and spouse conduct themselves with dignity and decorum and abide by the rules.
    1. No member shall be entitled to bring more than 5 Guests, at a time, twice a month. More than 5 Guests will be charged party rates @ Rs.200/- besides guest charges.
    2. Guests are allowed only when accompanied by the member.
  1. No employee of the club shall be reprimanded or punished by a Member.
  2. If a member has a complaint against an employee, he should make it writing to the Hon. Secretary who will investigate the complaint and deal with the same and communicate the result to the members concerned.
  3. Complaints and suggestions may be made in the complaints book provided for the purpose in the club, or by writing to the Hon. Secretary.
Servants such as drivers and ayahs of members shall not enter the Club buildings on any pretext.
Giving tips to the Club employees are prohibited. No member shall give any money, fees or gratuity to any employee of the Club.
Members shall not bring inside the Club any items of food whatsoever to be consumed in the Club premises.
The host members shall be responsible for settlement of all bills of their guests.
Reciprocal Members shall pay for supplies and other charges by cash only. Room tariff may be paid in advance. The occupant shall notify the time of vacation to the Office well in advance and during the Office Hours, so that the bills can be prepared and presented in time
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