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Classes of Membership
No person shall be eligible for admission as a member:
  1. Unless he/she has attained the age of twenty five years as on the date of his /her application.
  2. If he has been adjudged as an insolvent or un-discharged insolvent
  3. If he has been convicted by a court for an offence involving moral turpitude ,or
  4. Who is mentally challenged or suffers from any communicable disease.
  1. Any person who desires to become a member shall make an application in the prescribed form to the secretary of the club accompanied by the prescribed admission fee. The applicant shall be seconded by two members. Such members shall be from among the members specified in clauses (a).(b).&(c) of rule 6.
  2. No member shall propose or second more than three applicants for membership in official year.
  3. The admission of members shall vest with the committee and such admission shall be by selection by the majority decision of the committee.
  4. The committee may reject any application for membership with our assigning any reason.
  5. In case of above rejection, the fee deposited by the applicants shall be refunded to them within one month from the date of such reinjection.
  6. The secretary shall enter the names of non selected candidates for admission in a register maintained for the purpose.
  7. The candidates rejected shall be eligible to apply for admission after the lapsed of one year from date of such rejection.
  8. The secretary shall circulate, in advance, list of the names of applicants for admission with their Bio-Data to the committee members.
  9. The secretary shall make record in the candidate’s book. The date which each candidate’s name came up for selection and the result thereof.

An application for a membership shall satisfy rule 7 of the existing bye-laws and the total number of such membership shall no exceed 1500 excluding founder members. Provided that in the case of a family of member only one member of such family shall be eligible for admission on preferential basis. While others shall take their chance along with other applicants. Explanation for the purpose of this rule, the founder members are deemed to be members.
The committee may from time to time offer to eminent citizens honorary memberships, for such periods as it may consider necessary, with out payment of admission or annual subscription fees. Such members shall be eligible for all right’s and privileges of the club except the right to vote.
Any institution shall be eligible for membership on payment of a non-refundable admission fee of Rs.5,00,000/-On admission, such institution shall be eligible to nominate any two individuals (Directors, Partners Or Executives) to represent it and who shall be eligible for all right and privileges of a member, Except the right to vote.
Any person residing in the metropolitan city of Bangalore who is in a transferable job such as in Government services. Private and public sector undertaking, Shall be eligible for admission for a period of two years form the date of admission on payment of a non-refundable admission fee of Rs.40000/-. The period of temporary membership of such member shall be extended by the Managing Committee at its discretion, Only for further period of one more year, On Payment of admission fee to be decided by the Managing committee. The total number of temporary members shall not exceed 50 at any point of time.
The committee may from time to time offer usage memberships to persons employed in the state Government and such persons working in such capacities like Station House Officer, jurosdoctional A.C.P, asst.Engineer BWSSB, Officer of BBMP not below the rank of ARO and such other persons as the committee deems fit, within whose jurisdiction the club is situated. Such, members shall be eligible for all rights and privileges of the club, except the right to vote and term shall be as long such a member is in service within the jurisdiction of the club.
Surrender of Membership :
Any member categorised under rule 6 sub rule(a) and (b) may voluntarily surrender his membership in writing and the management may accept such surrender provided:
  1. He has minimum of 10 years of uninterrupted / continuous membership.
  2. No dues outstanding of such member.
  3. No enquiry is pending against such member.
  4. Upon such surrender a sum of Rs.50000/- shall be paid to member.
Transfer of Membership:
  1. The member shall be eligible subject to approval of the managing committee, to transfer his/her membership to one of his /her sons or daughter provided the person to whom the membership is sought to be transferred is eligible for membership under rule 7.
  2. In such cases transfer fee of 7000/- shall be paid by the transferee.
  3. The total number of membership under this rule shall not exceed 10 in a year. Application received in excess of this number shall be carried forward to the following year and be dealt with in the order of priority of receipt.
  4. A member enrolled under this rules shall not be eligible to transfer membership.
  5. Member enrolled under this rules shall not be eligible to transfer such membership.
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